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Check out Our New Dental Office

Take a tour around our new, eco-friendly dental office. At our clinic, we use low-radiation digital radiography for taking X-rays. Located in Woodbridge, we offer high-quality dental services. We also provide emergency dental services. Check out the photographs of our clinic below. Call us today if you would like a personal tour!


Open Concept Office

Welcome to Floss & Smile Dental Practice. Our office has proper ventilation and a lot of bright light flowing in. The front desk is bright, spacious, and open. One of our team members will be happy to help you.


Less Waiting Time

Yes, that’s right. If you arrive early prior to  your appointment, feel free to grab a refreshment in our waiting room and relax.


Bright and Welcoming

Floss & Smile Dental Practice’s decor has a focus on bright natural lighting, warm shapes and colours while maintaining a friendly, professional, and sterile environment.

childrens program

Proactive Children’s Program

Dr. Olga and her dedicated team love working with families and their children. We have a great proactive children’s program and an op committed to make sure your kids feel comfortable as they learn about their oral well-being!


Low-Radiation X-Rays

You will find the right equipment at our new facility. We are fully computerized and use digital low-radiation X-rays for our procedures. The eco-friendly methods that we have adopted are safe for your family and chemical-free for the environment.

floss and smile side

Visit Floss & Smile Dental Practice Today!

We will go the extra mile to help you with a range of compassionate and professional dental care services. Visit our clinic today, and see what we have in store for you and your family. We would be more than happy to serve you.

floss and smile side

Netflix Entertainment

When you wait for your appointment at our clinic, you can be sure that there will not be a boring moment-you can watch your favorite Netflix program or film of your choice.

Technology at Our Clinic

As the field of dentistry is constantly changing and evolving, we at Floss & Smile Dental Practice, have made sure to use the emerging technology and the latest equipment to treat our patients. At our clinic, the equipment and technology we use include:

Intra-oral cameras

CareStream Intra-oral Scanner

Carious lesions detector

Digital X-ray

Chartless and computerized technology

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